Handmade Pottery by Anne Sullivan



About the Artist - Anne Sullivan

I have been living in Texas for 4 years and been doing pottery with the weekend crowd at Brookhaven College during that time. I especially love making whimsical pieces, letting the clay tell me what to create using a combination of wheel-throwing and handbuilding techniques. I take inspiration from a variety of sources including the primal energy of my young children, the everyday flow of ordinary life, my friends and fellow potters, and my four sisters. I tend to favor stoneware and high-fire glazes, but play with a variety of other materials as well. I primarily use high fire kilns - both cone 10 reduction firings and atmospheric firings because I like the chaotic yet pleasing results .

I live in Flower Mound, Texas with my husband John, my 3 young children Sam, Eve, and Joy, and our dog Guinness.

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